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"I'm glad I bought from REE Solar"

This has to be the feedback we hear the most. First when our clients realize they don't have to order anything else than what they received in their kit, and then when we help them iron out the few last details with them over video call: REE Solar customers feel like they are taken in charge from start to finish. Even with a kit, appropriate tools and an installation video, all setups end up being slightly different. And at REE Solar, we have seen hundreds of them: let us help you!

slowroamers image

Alex and Megan have been with REE Solar since the early days, and have tried various electrical setups during their bold travels through the Americas. They travel in a 2WD (but daring) Chevy Express and were the first to bring REE Solar gear all the way to Patagonia! 

Matthew and Stacey also brought REE Solar gear all the way to Patagonia, cementing the alleged capabilities of our gear! They ride in a bold 4x4 Toyota Sunrader that they modified extensively to tackle the hardest terrain, even while wielding a camper on top!

toyota world runners toyotaworldrunners
alex et mj on the go

Alex et MJ sont des vidéographes professionnels et offrent des leçons de cinématographie partout à travers le monde. Ils parcourent le Québec à bord de leur van et produisent du contenu média pour différentes compagnies et individus, utilisant leur van comme bureau mobile!

Calvin is a recidivist van builder who turned a hobby into a profession. His work boasts smart and refined woodworking and interior design: he is a recognized figure in the conversion industry in Western Canada.

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